2150 Total Integration

A cryo scientist, trapped in his own invention, is found alive 130 years later. He confronts his mentor and alien species to survive.

Mika Gerey, a cryogenic scientist, is buried in his newly developed cryo chamber during a 21st century super storm. He’s found by 22nd century archaeologists and revived with considerably advanced medical science.

His dream of being born in the future, becomes a reality. He quickly adapts but struggles with his new friend’s ambition to exploit technology in the human body as he visualises the destruction of humanity and other galactic species as the end result. He finds new love but she’s more than just beautiful, she’s 22nd century!

Humans achieve deep space travel and become visible to friendly and aggressive species. Mika’s psychology retains primitive instincts which he employs, along with 2150 science, to defeat attacks upon Earth. His leadership is seen as humanity’s saviour and he’s made world leader. His imagination takes humans out into the galaxy to become members of the highly evolved Galactic Seniors Partnership.

Technical science makes humans invulnerable, which again draws the interest of the ‘Gohdamma’. Meeting this species reveals they are the originators of human evolution. Their revelations shatter our most fundamental beliefs and leave us in awe of their knowledge and power.