It is the year 2889, and Earth has almost recovered after the Unfall. World politics is dominated by three global factions: the United Faithful, lead by the DeUS, ‘the nation that is also a cult’; Machina, a culture built around the philosophy of the machine-minds; and Kommerz who govern all forms of commercial enterprise, from media to war. The UF and Machina have many conflicting views but one thing they agree on is that Morgen Thursdy’s story must never be told.

Someone wants his secrets, but his mind has been edited. He doesn’t remember travelling to the stars; he doesn’t remember bringing an insane alien back to Earth and he doesn’t know he was once called ‘the man who destroyed the world’.

Anna Freiling enters Thursdy’s life and gradually dismantles his comfortable existence. He is compelled to discover the truth about his past, even if it means making the same mistakes again.