4am in Las Vegas: Irish Fiction

‘If you’ve missed out on Michelle’s previous books…I can recommend starting with this one, a fabulous read!’ ChicklitChloe.blogspot.com

‘Darker and more ambitious than her previous titles, with quite a few surprises…novel four doesn’t disappoint.’ Irish Independent

‘One of the things I’ve loved about Michelle Jackson’s books are the destinations she takes us to.’ Shazsbookboudoir.blogspot.com

‘This trip to Las Vegas is well worth it…it’s thrilling and exciting and it’s obvious from the writing that the author has visited Las Vegas!” Roscommon People

It’s Halloween in Las Vegas and things are crazier than normal for Connie the wedding planner. Vicky and Frank are in town for their nuptials but Vicky’s teenage daughter Tina is less than impressed until she meets Connie’s moody and enigmatic son Kyle. Frank’s brother John is trying to hold everyone together but something happens that turns the wedding party on their heads at 4am in Las Vegas!

Suzanne is new to Facebook and has stumbled upon more than she expected when she receives a friend request from Ronan in Boston! He’s on his way to Las Vegas for a work convention and Suzanne’s friend Eddie convinces her that she should go too!

When they all meet in Binion’s Casino the cards have already been dealt but will there be a winner?