8,000 MILES OF DIRT: A Backroad Travel Guide to Wyoming

8,000 Miles of DIRT is the backroads travel guide describing 140 of Wyoming’s scenic country byways. This new and revised Second Edition contains more than 120 photographs and 140 maps detailing each individual trip.

8,000 Miles of DIRT is the required travel guide and source book for: Natives, Photographers, Bushwhackers, Rock hounds, Tourists, Picnickers, Sunday drivers, Mountain bikers, Campers, Explorers, Naturalists, Bird watchers, Sightseers, Hunters, and Anglers.

In addition to information on starting and ending points, distances, and major junctions, this guide also describes special features and landmarks such as: rivers – streams – lakes – buttes – basins – springs – valleys – canyons – mountains – peaks – crossings – ridges – rims – flats – bluffs – hills – draws – gaps – divides – trails – passes – sand dunes – petroglyphs – campgrounds – overlooks – state parks – historical sites – national forests – wildlife refuges

The eBook version of DIRT was created and formatted specifically for the Kindle Fire and will allow you to double-click an image (map or photo) to enlarge the image and pan/move around within the image frame. Please Note: A problem has been reported with the ability to enlarge and/or pan images on Kindle readers other than the Kindle Fire.