A Brief Guide to the Maldives

“A Brief Guide to the Maldives” provides an introduction to the delights of the Maldivian islands.

This 87 page book covers everything you may need to know whilst planning or visiting the Maldives.

The topics covered include

1. Welcome to the Maldives

2. The Weather

3. Getting There

4. Practical Considerations

5. Are There Any Dangers?

6. Taking Your Children

7. Booking Your Holiday

8. On the Resorts

9. What is There to Do?

10. Sport and Entertainment

11. Excursions

12. About Spas

13. Surfing

14. Diving in the Maldives

15. The Architecture of the Reef

16. Fish, Sharks and Turtles

17. Habitats, Coral and Invertebrates

18. How to Choose a Dive Base

19. Where to See the Big Fish

20. Staying Safe Under Water

21. Snorkelling in the Maldives

22. The Magic of Snorkelling

23. Dining on the Resorts

24. Drinks

25. All-Inclusive Resorts

26. Types of Accommodation

27. Beach Bungalows

28. Water Bungalows

29. Visiting Other Islands

30. Visiting Male

31. Things to See in Male

32. Shopping in Male

33. Safaris

34. Natural Maldives

35. Environmental Concerns

36. Local Wildlife

37. The Beaches

38. Maldives Glossary