A King for America

By the mid-21st Century America was truly going down the tubes. But House Speaker Lamar Wingate Tidibowl had a plan to save it. He and his chief political fixer, Mr. Bob, arranged for the call of a Constitutional Convention that they would manipulate into “promoting” the Office of U.S. President to a powerless King and investing total power in a Prime Minister (Win Tidibowl). To do this the Speaker has to have a royal candidate with the right bloodlines and he summons from retirement the world’s greatest headhunter, Beowulf Hume, to find among the world’s unemployed royals a “proper” successor to America’s last king, George III. Beowulf Hume in this satiric novella tells the inside story of his successful executive search in transcripts of secret discs leaked from the Royal American Historical Society Library at the Summer Palace in Newport.