A Nightmare’s End

In the year 2096, nations no longer exist as separate entities. Regional Powers are now the norm, huge entities vying for dominance through any means at their disposal. Is it a better world? Some people say yes, others say no. Among the naysayers, a few have taken up arms, creating resistance groups as they try to turn back the clock.

A Nightmare’s End is a suspenseful semi-thriller novelette, an action-packed science fiction adventure with assassinations, conspiracy theories, espionage and sanctioned murders. This is the story of three friends, army officers, caught up in a top-secret medical experiment gone awry. Loyalties and relationships are turned upside down as death no longer holds any fear. Body swapping is now the norm. Each time they die, they wake up in a new body, physically fine but emotionally damaged.

If they expect to survive the chaos enveloping the world, they must come to terms with what they’ve become—strangers to themselves. But can they do it in time? Will they be able accept their new bodies and lives as they’re being hunted and are hunting one another?

“Sean raced down the stairs, holding onto the railing with his left hand as he jumped over blocks of stairs at a time. The stairwell reverberated with weapons fire, but then NISD agents were in pursuit. Was his best friend Kyle among them, the friend he’d murdered a few months before? If so, would he be able to escape this time.”