Advancement of the Species

“For you see, the problem is about the way things are. The solution is about the way things should be. It is about the way things could be if we follow the >eileder.”

Rodney Neilman’s life is meaningless. He is held back by his health issues and tormented by his abusive mother. He thinks there is no way out of his dull, dead end life until he stumbles upon a mysterious book called The Veileder. Soon, he is led on an adventure to a place completely cut off from the outside world. Vennskap Valley is filled with highly advanced technology and is populated by people who are much like Rodney. Unbeknownst to him, however, is that his journey is being watched over by a pair of extraterrestrial observers. They study him as his experience not only has major implications for him, but the entire human species as well.

Advancement of the Species is a fast paced science fiction adventure story filled with action, emotion, wonder and mystery.