ALIEN PUPPETS: The Recovered Notebook Of An Alien Invasion Survivor

They managed to Survive the Alien Invasion!

But are they now just Puppets of the Aliens?

It’s the year 2035, not long after the end of the world as we know it.
An Extinction Event that began with an Alien invasion was soon followed by the horrible harvesting of humanity.

The Recovered Journal of Danger Rogers contains our only clues.

Now he faces a life or death dilema:

Which of the survivors are acually human?

Who has been in league with the Aliens?

What are the Aliens planning for our species?

What can he do to keep mankind from becoming extinct?

How far is he willing to go? Must he resort to extreme violence?

Humanities New Dawn begins with these humble survivors

Discover the realistic characters that make up the gene pool of humanities new dawn.
These ordinary people are forced to face the extraordinary changes to our planet.

Grab a copy of this exciting story Right Now! Experience life in a post-apocalypse world.

With its surprising twisted ending, this unique novella of 18,500 words is sure to entertain!