AlphaShock combines military science fiction with survival in a battle-worn police state to bring you a unique, high-octane adventure packed with futuristic weapons, vehicles, and technology.

A thousand years ago, we built the Border.

It was meant to protect the United States from the growing threat of societal collapse in a world overrun by marauding warlords.

Yet some of the greatest threats lie within, and the protection came at a price. The crumbling government turned to the wealthiest families in the nation for help…families with voracious ambition and money to burn. Now these powerful families—known as Dynasties—use their influence to control the five remaining city-states in the country.

With the rise of these families came the creation of a new policing force. The Company is subcontracted by the government to do everything in its power to maintain the peace. The division charged with regulating Dynasty law is called the Elite Task Forces. The most efficient and highly-skilled of these units is Elite Task Force One.

Chicago, 3481.

When the son of the most powerful king in Chicago is charged with high treason and kidnaps the daughter and sole heir of a rival Dynasty, the city-state teeters on the brink of war. Elite Task Force One is ordered to bring her back alive before the ensuing violence rips the city apart.

As a madman holds the city by the throat, rumors begin to circulate of a warlord approaching the Border—a warlord who, until recently, has held a tenuous truce with the encapsulated United States.

The soldiers in Elite Task Force One must risk everything to save not just the city, but an entire nation on the edge of chaos.