Amsterdam Travel Guide 2015: Essential Tourist Information, Maps & Photos (NEW EDITION)

Published by Travel Bug Guides, “Top 20 Amsterdam” is the essential Amsterdam travel guide.

Inside Travel Bug Guides “Top 20 Amsterdam”:

– Amsterdam’ top 20 attractions, listed in order of importance (so you can cut to the chase, and find out exactly what you MUST see before you leave Amsterdam).

– Essential historical information and background information about each of the top 20 attractions (so you can truly understand the importance of each attraction).

– Full-color photos for each of the attractions (so you can see what you’re visiting before you arrive)

– Maps showing the location of each attraction (all Travel Bug Guides feature “in-book maps” as well as dynamic online maps. The maps are easy to use and will ensure that you save time)

– Opening hours and contact information for each attraction (to make sure you visit at the RIGHT time)

– The convenient “order of importance” structure ensures that you’ll know exactly which attractions you need to see first

– Insider Tips to ensure you get more value from every single attraction

The Ultimate Amsterdam Travel Guide

This Amsterdam visitors’ guide is written for people who want a simple, uncomplicated guide to getting the best out of Amsterdam.

Whether you’re visiting Amsterdam for a day or two, or are planning an extended trip, Travel Bug’s Top 20 Amsterdam travel guide is the perfect starting point.

With detailed information about the best attractions, and the top 20 Amsterdam attractions listed in order of importance, you’ll know exactly where to start your tour.

Every attraction listed in this Amsterdam Travel Guide has essential background information, color photos, maps, and important contact information. Not only that, but you’ll also know the best time to visit each attraction.

The Most Important Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam

This travel guide is packed with only the most important “must-see” attractions. Here’s a snippet of some of the attractions waiting for you inside this Amsterdam tourist guide:

– Rijksmuseum Museum, recently renovated and housing famous Vermeer’s The Milkmaid…

– Red Light District, where you can experience the vibe and get a feel for the world’s most famous red light district…

– Van Gogh Museum, housing hundreds of Van Gogh’s drawings and paintings including The Bedroom…

– Cofee Shops, a popular place to drop to see cannabis and rolling papers as a menu item….

– The Heineken Experience, Where you can wind down after the 4-floor tour in the pub…

Travel Bug Guides – eBook Features

– Easy Navigation: Jump from one attraction to another without needing to scroll page after page after page.

– Dynamic Maps: Use the simple “in-book” maps or jump to a dynamic online map. The online maps allow for comprehensive travel planning as you can see all attractions in relation to one another, and also zoom-in and zoom-out.

– Bookmark Your Progress: When you’re ready for a break, simply bookmark your progress so you can easily continue later!

– Add Notes: Don’t want to forget something important? Just add a note to the guide and it’ll be saved for you!

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