Backstreet Nomad’s Anti Travel Guide Sydney: See Sydney Like the Locals

The most popular sights of Sydney are some of the easiest to stumble upon and easiest to find information on. Every travel guide for the city lists these as ‘must-see’ and rightly so. But what next? Backstreet Nomad’s Sydney Anti Travel Guide will introduce you to the parts of Sydney you don’t know yet: the neighbourhoods that the locals love to frequent; the places to visit to avoid tourists; and insider tips to ensure your Sydney experience is unique and exciting.

Anti Travel Guides is all about the the road less traveled and blending in with the locals. So leave your iPad at the hotel and get ready to discover the many hidden secrets Sydney has to offer, focusing on alternative sights, restaurants and bars. The Anti Guide Book gives plenty of options to ensure your stay is as unique as possible.

Unlike most travel guides, Backstreet Nomad’s gets you out of the hustle and the bustle of the city proper to the neighbourhoods less frequented by tourists but are favourites with the locals. How do I know about these places? Because I’ve lived there and have been visiting regularly for the past 15 years.

In this book you’ll find:

– The best places for good coffee

– The best places for good beer and cocktails

– How to get incredible views of the city without paying a “tourist tax”

– Beaches to visit to see real Australian beach culture

– A 3 day itinierary to help you see the best of the best

– Suggestions on the neighbourhoods to visit once all the “big attractions” have been checked off.

So if you are a traveler who wants to know how to find the places that only the locals know, you want Backstreet Nomad’s Anti Travel Guide Sydney