Bangkok Dick (Bangkok Dick Mysteries Book 1)

Dick Reilly, Bangkok P.I. He’s the man to call if you suspect your husband or lover of an illicit affair in the City of Angels. Armed with a camera and an inexhaustible supply of hot air, Reilly tackles the cases other detectives wouldn’t dare touch. When a high-profile beauty enlists his aid to dig up the dirt on her superstar husband, Reilly finds himself knee-deep in a blackmail scheme that’s going to require every trick in the book to set straight.


Dick Reilly, like the archetypal PI relies on his instincts, “Only my instincts were right. My instincts were always right. Whether this was a gift or a curse, I’ve yet to decide.”

Based in Bangkok, the author gives enough of the local color to lend some credibility to the tale, no matter how tall at times.

The plot takes many twists and turns, and author Young introduces characters who all have a definitive part to play in the action, even though initially the connection is kept well hidden. The denouement is fast paced and does not let up for many pages, during which time you will swear at anyone or thing that diverts your attention. It was certainly a good read.

(Pattaya Mail)