Bishop’s Isle (Vol. 3)

Volume 3 of the Bishop’s Isle series!

Life as a lighthouse keeper on a remote Scottish island isn’t always the most exciting. Especially since she split with her husband, Mark. Yet, Holly loves her job, her friends, and her life on Bishop’s Isle.

Until, one day, strange…things start to wash ashore. Dangerous things she has never seen before. Frightening things that nobody else on the island can explain.

Now, Holly, and the rest of islanders, must overcome a whirlwind of troubles and use her lighthouse to try and signal for help, and hope against hope that somebody sees her, and the island’s, desperate plea in time…

Can they reach safety? Or will they be overtaken by the Undead…?

Find all the answers in this final shocking, thrilling, and exhilarating volume!

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Warning: Volume 3 is a 11,000+ word story that contains gritty action, bad language, violence, and the Undead. Read at your own risk…or delight!

Praise for Bishop’s Isle:

“This book was much better than I was expecting. It’s not your average zombie tale. For one, it’s set in a remote Scottish island. And second, the writing is really, really great! Most zombie books these days are filled with cliches and don’t even have a plot. Not this one – it will hook you in from the very beginning and you’ll actually care about the characters. I’ll be waiting for the next book!”