Bittersweet Colony

“Bittersweet Colony” is the second book of the Odeon trilogy. It begins where “The Centauri Intervention” left off: when the humans arrive on the planet they call Bittersweet. It is a world so hostile the Odeons dare not visit. “Bittersweet Colony” is the story of how two families survive the massacre of the entire landing party and prosper in spite of the many hardships thrust upon them. It is the story of the enduring pioneering spirit required to exist on a dangerous world where giant creatures are capable of mass beheading and dismemberment. Bittersweet is a world where nature is in a hurry. Plants grow instantly and rot just as quickly, creating a nearly unbearable stench after every rainstorm. Bittersweet is a world where every living creature exists only because the Savior Tree allows them to live. Nothing escapes death unless the tree allows it.