Bloodfire (The Sojourns of Rebirth Book 1)

The people of the once free nation of Exeter have lived under the stifling oppression of the Emperor, Uriel the Third of His Name, for over half a hundred sojourns. His word is law, and none have dared to oppose the cruel and psychopathic tyrant, or the massive army at his command.

In the capital city of the empire, known simply as “The Seat”, a young, blind, orphan girl named Catelyn does everything that she can just to make it through another day in this hellish state. Using unique talents that she developed after the tragic loss of both her parents and her sight, she plies her trade as a thief, prowling the rooftops of the city and taking what she can to survive.

When she overhears the location of a priceless artifact from the past, Catelyn resolves to make it her own and put an end to her days of living hand to mouth, but she swiftly learns that this artifact is not merely valued in terms of the marks it can bring her. In fact, it hides a secret that will change her world, and the lives of everyone around her, in ways she can’t predict or control. It will draw Catelyn out of the anonymity of the slums and set her on a collision course with history, and eventually, even with the Emperor himself.