Bookworm (Dystopian Fiction)

Escape from Corp-World!Bookworm (Dystopian Fiction)Are you living to work? Are you constantly working “eight to late”? Working weekends perhaps?
Feel like you are stuck in a rat race? On a hamster wheel?
Drowning in debt and constantly fret over your credit score because it’s how your next employer will screen you?
Do you have a garage and an attic, heck even a house, full of stuff that you don’t even use but just had to have when you bought it?
Do feel like others judge you by how nice a house and car you own?
What about family time? What happened to that? Real family time. With conversations not with everyone staring at a screen.
Do you sometimes feel like you were sold a bill of goods? Went to school, went to college, got a job. And now? Stuck in a 4×4 “cubicle” everyday until retirement?!
Now imagine its 300 years into the future and you live in the world of Aaron Cogwell.
Sadly, things are not much better. Indeed they are much worse. Aaron goes to work every day (no more weekends) for a standard seventeen hour day. Every action he takes and everything he owns is public information. Published on the HRN (the “Human Resources” Network). Everything he does is in service to his Corporation. There are only a handful of Corporations left and they rule the world above all else. Everyone still recites the pledge of allegiance but now it is an allegiance to the Corporations and the all mighty Credit.
Aaron has a family. But they hardly know one another. Work always comes first.
Aaron is quite happy like this. Afterall there is no other way. Not that Aaron is aware of anyways.
Until one day a life changing event takes place and he meets a stranger. A stranger who shows him there is a choice. A very different choice. A life beyond what the Corporations offer. But what will Aaron choose to do? Leave behind the security of the Corporations? The Corporations that have given him so much and only have his best interest at heart of course.
And what of his family? What will they choose?
Can the Cogwells escape from Corp-World? Or are they destined to be like everyone else: a Corporate drone until their last breath.

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