Boracay Unanchor Travel Guide – Boracay Island, Philippines – Escape to Paradise 5-Day Tour Itinerary

Boracay Island, Philippines – Escape to Paradise 5-Day Tour Itinerary

It’s your first time in Boracay and you want to get the most out of your island adventure by doing all the “must see” activities as well as visit a few interesting places that most tourists miss out on. This itinerary includes tips for the budget shoestring traveler, but also focuses on the traveler who wants to experience everything Boracay has to offer without paying huge prices or spending more than $75-$100 a day. Visiting Boracay is a chance of a lifetime and the island offers a unique experience like nowhere else in Asia. I’ve saved you the trouble of taking the time to search for deals and other Boracay offers that may not always turn out to be the best bang for your buck.

Many people visit Boracay and have no idea about all the exciting places and activities this little slice of paradise has to offer. If you rely on the deals offered when you arrive, you will certainly pay A LOT more money. This itinerary was written to not only help the budget-conscious traveller, but it was also created to show you a few amazing places that are often ignored in some of the ordinary travel guidebooks.

Of course, the beach and scenery is amazing and may leave you awestruck with the beauty of the place. However, there is no reason to just sit around in your hotel and take photos on the beach in front of beautifully constructed sandcastles. Boracay has so much more to offer!

You can find the best deals for hotels in Station 2 and this itinerary are written based on that location. There is a variety of accommodations to choose from that can definitely fit anyone’s budget. By doing a quick search online, you should be able to find the perfect hotel in Station 2 to have an incredible stay. You can also choose to stay in other nearby locations, but keep in mind that this guide is based on Station 2 as your departure location for activities throughout your trip.

The prices mentioned in this itinerary is shown in US dollars (USD). Most travellers who arrive to Boracay use US Dollars which are widely-accepted in most establishments on the island. I hope that this book will be useful to a worldwide audience so showing prices in USD is helpful to readers from all parts of the world.

This 5-Day Boracay traveler’s itinerary will be an amazing adventure that you will never forget! You get to experience amazing Filipino food and culture, explore the island on your own terms, and experience all that the island of Boracay has awaiting for you without paying outrageous prices. Don’t forget the amazing white sand beaches that are rated as some of the best in the world because of their amazing beauty and natural surroundings. This destination is a must-do on every traveler’s bucket list. Your five day adventure will be one that you will definitely share with family and friends.

Buy this itinerary now and get ready to have some fun! If for any reason you are unhappy with the itinerary, Amazon offers a full refund. Don’t forget your camera and enjoy…because it’s more fun in the Philippines!