Bryn Omnibus

This full collection of the four-part Bryn series is a rousing, epic space tale, which takes Jon Latham and the golden alien scientist Miritha on a long, action-packed journey of discovery. As they slowly fall in love while barely escaping annihilation, they and their faithful crew uncover secrets and dangers hidden in the dark corners of their galaxy and beyond. From the initial landing of Latham’s ship, Traveler, on Miritha’s home world of Bryn, one startling development after another leads this intrepid couple on an odyssey with their comrades that will take them into a time-travel adventure, vicious firefights with an elusive enemy, betrayal from a trusted friend and invaluable help from an alien stranger. As their long struggle for answers finally begins to resolve, they learn that theirs will be a legacy not soon forgotten. The name of Latham will be whispered on both of their native planets for centuries to come.