Bunker 51 (X-Troop Book 4)

Deep under the Nevada desert, there’s a top secret research facility. Hardly anyone knows about it. Nobody talks about it.

But something’s gone wrong. Communications have been severed from within, and anybody sent inside to investigate disappears. The US government has been locked out of its own facility and nobody knows why.

When Alex Harvey gets the call to check it out, he’s immediately suspicious. He knows the Federal authorities have an alien life form in their custody, and he’s certain that this incident has something to do with it. He also knows that the Feds aren’t giving him the full story.

When his team finally breaches the facility, he finds out just how much has been withheld from them as the mission escalates from cautious reconnaissance to a vicious battle for survival.

It’s no longer a minor incident in the desert. It’s war.


Book Four in the X-Troop series.