Reckoning (The Saga of I Book 3)

The Saga of I is an alien apocalypse fiction series of a different sort. The reader is placed in an apocalyptic setting in Midwest America where knowledge of a strange Earth-born alien race is revealed. Survivors struggle as their immediate surroundings collapse. With this breakdown comes desperation, disregard, and upheaval. The innocent are forced to …


Try To Remember

The science language―an overly-neglected field for the extrapolations science-fiction―is put brilliant use in this powerful story. Against a background ultimate peril from a galactic invader, man (in this case, woman) back beyond Babel to recall for humanity the places the soul, where words are not enough. Would the similarity between the gestures of an Arab …



When Charlie Watson retired from the Army and returned home from Afghanistan, he looked forward to a life he had left on hold. Years later, with almost everything taken from him, he has only the family farm and his brother left. Andy Watson isn’t in the best shape either, as a small town cop he’s …


A Diabolical Onslaught (Darkness & Daemons Book 1)

An otherworldly force opens a gate in a remote mountain range in Colorado and unleashes an alien organism into the forest. Once the gate opens, a shield is placed over the entire area blocking all communications in or out of the zone. It then releases a time pulse every 30 minutes locking everything inside the …


Jan of the Jungle

Dr. Bracken suavely bowed his Florida cracker patient out of his dispensary. It was in the smaller right wing of his rambling ancestral home on a hummock in the Everglades, near the Gulf of Mexico and five miles from Citrus Crossing. The doctor cursed under his breath as a sudden uproar came from the larger …


The Dark Forest

This near-future trilogy is the first chance for English-speaking readers to experience this multiple-award-winning phenomenon from Cixin Liu, China’s most beloved science fiction author. In Dark Forest, Earth is reeling from the revelation of a coming alien invasion-in just four centuries’ time. The aliens’ human collaborators may have been defeated, but the presence of the …


If You See Jenny

The best Sci-Fi micro story about alien invasion you’ll read all year.


Fracking on a remote Scottish island was just the cover up. John’s routine safety inspection triggered a potentially catastrophic sequence of events. And now Earth itself could be the target.