Harvesting Terra: Science Fiction Adventure

They came, they harvested, they conquered, leaving few oxygen-breathing creatures on the face of the planet. The advanced insectile-like race then disseminates a vast biomass of oxygen producing plants to alter the environment in preparation for the coming of the mother ships. Advance scouting missions rid Earth of toxic waste as more scouts usher clouds …


Human Trial III: The Final Conflict

Twenty-three years after climate-altering attacks on Earth, Americans begin rebuilding. Battle-tested Tawanna Chenier is sent across the country to recruit legendary military strategist Adam Turner to head up the country’s fledgling armed forces. After the assassination of the President, Adam and Tawanna feel duty-bound to defend the country against a larger plot. Former drug lord …


THE BEST LAID PLANS: Birth of the Starclan

In two weeks, when the Fleet arrived at Earth, the man known to a quarter of the galaxy simply as “The Admiral” would officially retire. What Admiral MacAlister faced was no where near his plans: Fierce battles in space; Tragic losses of dear friends; Bloody combat with strange aliens; Daring rescues; Failed revenge; Assassination attempts; …


L’appel (French Edition)

Le secret ne fut pas gardé bien longtemps. Quatre jours après que le gouvernement ait repéré les premiers engins spatiaux, la rumeur se propageait sur la toile, bientôt reprise par l’ensemble des chaînes d’informations. Et une fois la rumeur lancée, sur toute la surface du globe, astronomes et amateurs se lancèrent à une véritable chasse …


ALIEN PUPPETS: The Recovered Notebook Of An Alien Invasion Survivor

They managed to Survive the Alien Invasion! But are they now just Puppets of the Aliens? It’s the year 2035, not long after the end of the world as we know it. An Extinction Event that began with an Alien invasion was soon followed by the horrible harvesting of humanity. The Recovered Journal of Danger …


Difficult Times – An Alien Invasion Serial – The Complete First Season

August started poorly. Despite stiff resistance, alien invaders had managed to establish a toehold in central Florida. Tinny Parker, desperate to rescue her parents from their ill timed vacation in Orlando, turned to her reluctant boyfriend. Under relentless pressure he agreed to head south and bring them home to Nova Scotia. This compilation includes all …


Ospiti (Italian Edition)

Aldo De Buono è un uomo normale. Ha un lavoro, una famiglia, una vita del tutto normali… finché, un giorno, tutte le persone a lui vicine, persino la figlioletta di tre anni, cercano ripetutamente di ucciderlo. Sembra un terribile incubo. Invece, è qualcosa di infinitamente peggio.