A twelve year old Nazca boy with the gift of visions is responsible for creating one of the greatest mysteries of the ancient world. In the process, he unwittingly pits one god against another and learns the lessons of destiny, death and tomorrow. This is a short story with an estimated length of 12 pages.

(Tra)pianti (Italian Edition)

Dopo tre anni di attesa finalmente Michele riceve dall’ospedale la chiamata che attendeva: un donatore compatibile. L’operazione, almeno a parere dei medici, è riuscita. Michele torna alla propria vita e lentamente si inserisce di nuovo nel trantran quotidiano. Eppure qualcosa non va…

Roxanne’s Diary – The Book of the Dead

Roxanne is dead. Her older brother Kahn is trying to understand who his sister was but in order to understand Roxanne he has to come to terms with some very unsavory truths which include a nasty Nazi skeleton in the family closet, an incestuous romance, a violent psychopath called Selkie Turner and a ancient Hindu …


Dominated By A Pharaoh

Dominated By A Pharaoh Andrea is part of an expedition in Egypt, and they have come here to search out and read the hieroglyphics that are within the Pharaoh’s tomb. She gets separated from the group when an avalanche of stones blocks her path, making it virtually impossible for her to get out before the …


Comment choisir? (French Edition)

Romance set in the First World War about a young woman living in a village in Belgium who is faced with difficult personal decisions set in the midst of the troubles experienced at the outbreak of war. Roman qui se passe pendant la Première Guerre mondiale concernant une jeune femme qui habite dans un petit …


Flux der Rabe feiert Weihnachten (German Edition)

Die rührende Geschichte von Flux dem Raben der durch das Fällen des Baumes in dem sein Nest lag plötzlich obdachlos wird und auf wundersame Weise durch das Weihnachtsfest ein neues Zuhause bei den Menschen findet.


Résumer l’intrigue, ou plutôt les intrigues, de ce très long roman, relève de la mission impossible. Londres, 1840, le marquis de Rio-Santo, riche dandy, règne sur les bas-fonds. Il apparaît que Rio-Santo est irlandais, et prépare, à la tête d’une association de malfaiteurs, «les Gentilshommes de la Nuit», une révolution destinée à libérer l’Irlande. Pour …


Invasion from the Sun: The invasion

In the summer of 1942, just a few months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Japanese invade northern Baja California with their sights set on San Diego and Los Angeles. This is the story of the heroic efforts of the I Armor Corps, 9th Marines and the 10th Cavalry (Buffalo Soldiers) to stop and …


Carthaginian Empire 29 – Viking Raid

With generations of peace the increasingly violent raids against her northern provinces cause Carthage to raise her battle standards once more. The Scandinavian tribes are bringing misery to Britain and the shores of Gaul, it is time for the military machine to fight again. The invincible galleys of Carthage will face the most fearsome sea …