Divine Extinction (Evilution Book 2)

They thought that they had engineered temporary respite from the threat to humanity. Four years was a convincing period of inactivity. The vigil was suddenly invaded by fear of a completely different danger, which hovered over the species. The plot follows the pendulum of breakthrough and setback in dealing with the impending disaster. Contemplation of …


Insurgent: Book 2 of America’s Future

From an author described as “one of America’s criminally neglected authors,” Insurgent is the riveting sequel to the surprise bestseller Republic: A Novel of America’s Future. Three months after the end of the West Virginia civil war, Valerie Murphy faces her worst fears as the violence escalates. Former Congressman Al Clark, now Governor of the …


Hank Shank VIII

Hank Troud has it all … but he’s never satisfied. He sees enemies everywhere, plotting to kill him and take everything he has. His grandiose personality, greed and mounting paranoia turn him into his own worst enemy. In Hank’s mind, he is the king of his own empire, born to rule with the right to …


The Emperor of California

Napoleon Bonaparte was no stranger to daring exploits but when he escaped Saint Helena in 1817 on a primitive submarine bound for America he was about to begin a series of adventures that would surpass anything he had previously experienced in his already extraordinary life. Such a plan really existed yet never came to fruition …


Torpedo Junction: Rommel the Ocean Fox in the Pacific

In November, 1941, Commander Anson McDonald is suddenly transferred from a career in destroyers to a senior staff position in a carrier task force—just in time to be plunged into the U.S. Navy’s most desperate war. In this tale of what-if, he learns things he never knew about leadership as he assists his C.O., Rear-Admiral …


Der Verräter: Andania (Andania 5) (German Edition)

Aristomenes, der Anführer der um ihre Freiheit kämpfenden Messenier auf der griechischen Halbinsel Peloponnes, wird von den Spartanern verfolgt und gefangen. Seine Landsleute müssen Andania verlassen und in die Berge fliehen. Als die Perser anrücken und Griechenland bedrohen, scheint eine neue Zeit anzubrechen. Die Messenier im Nacken, verpasst Sparta die Schlacht bei Marathon, während das …


Shikanoki Masashige (Japanese Edition)

時は西暦2828年、人類は滅亡の危機に瀕していた。世界は、恐るべき伝染病である狂猫病に感染した猫人間軍によって支配され、わずかに感染を免れ、人間として生き残ったのは、生まれつき狂鹿病に感染している奈良県民など、狂猫病に対する免疫を持つ僅かな人々となった。  狂猫病とはウイルスにより感染する伝染病で、感染すると二~三週間の潜伏期間を経て、次第に動作が猫に似てくる。前足を舌でペロペロなめたり、車のボンネットの上で昼寝をしたりするのが初期症状だが、次第に四つんばいで歩くようになり、ついには、自分は猫だと思い込むようになる恐ろしい病気である。  今や、日本全土のほとんどを征服した猫人間軍は、破竹の勢いで箕面の猿人間軍を滅ぼし、強硬に抵抗を続けている鹿人間軍の本拠地、奈良に迫っていた。  狂猫病に感染した人間は、発症後五年間は高度な知能と抜群の運動神経を持つ猫人間となるが、発病後十年を過ぎれば、猫化が進行し、ほとんど『ただの猫』となる。猫人間軍の狙いは、そうなる前に人類を滅ぼすことだった。  しかし、奈良の鹿人間軍の総司令官である鹿木正成提督は、兵法の天才であり、ありとあらゆる戦略・戦術を駆使して猫人間軍の進撃を阻止する。しかし、全国六百万人の猫人間軍に対し、鹿人間軍の兵力は僅か四万人と圧倒的に不利であり、その戦いは壮絶を極めたものとなる。  この物語は、人類の存亡と平和を守るために戦う戦士たちの勇気と愛を描いた壮大な時代錯誤小説である。

Loyalty to the Dead

When King Richard the Lionheart is masterfully killed, his former Chief-of-Guard, William Godfrey, searches for answers throughout the continent. But hostility is found everywhere,from the scorching sun of Jerusalem to the deceiving peaks of the Alps.

The Back Roads of Terra: a Companion to the Nothing but Glory Series

“Don’t you understand?!” Timothy snapped, raising his voice for the first time during the conversation, “Shardith will not come after God’s children with guns, whips, or chains. He will not threaten us with prison and the noose. He knows that will not work. Instead, he will attack us with comforts. He will come after us …