Errantry: Strange Stories

No one is innocent, no one unexamined in Shirley Jackson award-winning author Elizabeth Hand’s new collection of stories, her first since 2006. From the mysterious people next door to the odd guy in the next office over, Hand teases apart the dark strangenesses of everyday life to show us the impossibilities, broken dreams, and improbable …


Evil Overlord #666

Welcome to the Evil Overlord’s Union, Branch number #666. We, at the Evil Overlords Union, firmly believe our that our members can and should learn from the mistakes of others, and for that reason we offer examples of those Overlords who have failed to find their place with us. Wow betide any hopeful member of …



The Indignants; Dr. Wayne, Lee his wife and Incaras their fifteen year old son live in present day northern California. Wayne has a breakthrough that leads the family into an unexpected trip though time and parallel dimensions. Theoretical physics reign in complete unpredictability. Dingo, the family dog, a German Shepard weighing about three hundred pounds, …


The Only Truck Driver

Frank leaves in the morning to deliver his load after spending the night with his friends that own a truck stop. While driving over the rolling plains his life changes drastically. Is the car that topped the hill in front of him the last one?

Triangulation: Morning After (Triangulation Anthologies Book 6)

Triangulation: Morning After is the 2012 edition of PARSEC Ink’s internationally acclaimed anthology featuring 24 original short stories from up and coming authors in speculative fiction. What will your Morning After bring? Metamorphosis? A daunting moonwalk? Un-death? An end to eternal night? How about a squirrel in your shower, Jesus in the lobby, a meeting …


Sisterhood of the Skin

“This is a very strong SF story. A factory fishing vessel is plundering the waters of a virgin planet to feed the hungry masses of other worlds. Sci-Med Officer Tso is confronted with the mystery of the native silkies, a walrus-like species that has killed one of the crew. As she investigates the death and …


Apex Magazine – December 2011 (Issue 31)

The December 2011 issue of Apex Magazine contains the following great content: Short Fiction: “The 24 Hour Brother” by Christopher Barzak “Faithful City” by Michael Pevzner “The Yellow Dressing Gown” by Sarah Monette Poetry: “To a Gentleman Who Is Visited” by Sandi Leibowitz “A Woman of a Certain Age” by FJ Bergmann Nonfiction: “Jingle Bells, …