Latin American Science Fiction: Theory and Practice

Combining work by critics from Latin America, the USA, and Europe, Latin American Science Fiction: Theory and Practice is the first anthology of articles in English to examine science fiction in all of Latin America, from Mexico and the Caribbean to Brazil and the Southern Cone. Using a variety of sophisticated theoretical approaches, the book …


Schlock! Webzine Vol 3 Issue 4

This week the tale of Randolph Carter continues with an inquest into our hero’s disappearance from the waking world, in which the mysterious Hindoo, Swami Chandragupta, reveals what he know about Carter’s journey Through The Gates of the Silver Key… Bryan Carrigan returns for another brush with the weird, in a story about The Last …


The Robot Divorce

Revised ending. The U.S. Supreme Court has just held that an imprinted mechanical is a person. Donna iMate is Paul Van Hook’s mechanical. For years, she has been his companion, his sexual partner, his housekeeper, and his chef. She quickly realizes that, since they have been cohabitating, under the Texas Defense of Marriage Act of …


Building God

They told us we were defying nature, playing God. We replied that we were not simply playing at it – we were building God. Hours before the God Machine’s first predictions of the future are made public, one of the technicians discovers a problem: it’s not predicting a tomorrow. Originally published as the first place …


An Improbable Journey

Marooned on an uninhabited junk yard world that lacks the basic necessities of life, Corwin Koell finds what he needs with the help of a tiny robot, but escape will only come at a cost in this exciting short story.

The Year’s Best Schlock! Sci-Fi 2013

Welcome to The Year’s Best Schlock! Sci-Fi 2013, a compilation of science fiction stories published in Schlock! Webzine ( over the past year. Here you can read the work of some of the hottest new talents in science fiction writing today; Kill the Flats by RM DuChene, editor of the renowned Death Throes webzine; The …


Theme-Thology: Invasion

Watch the skies. Watch the least creatures beneath your feet. Watch the border. Theme-Thology: Invasion is a tasting menu with fifteen flavors of fear. STORIES BY Lisa A. Kramer • Michael G. Williams • Michelle Mogil • Micha Fire • Ezekiel David • Charles Barouch • Mike Reeves-McMillan • Jeremy Lichtman • Jefferson Smith • …


Awake While Dreaming

Awake While Dreaming is a collection of short stories crossing into the realms of fantasy, horror, and love. Sometimes all at once. Born from dreams and raised on pages, each short story is bound to take your imagination for a ride. Click- A disenchanted photographer wishes for true creative freedom, then receives it. But at …



Stories set on other world and in other times, dystopian futures and other more pleasant, parallel universes both recognizable and completely alien.