Life Without Crows

“Wonderful collection.” –Dean Wesley Smith; “You’ll be hearing a lot more from Gerri Leen.” –Mike Resnick. Life Without Crows, the new collection by Gerri Leen. Journey to faraway places, go back to the beginning, travel to the future…sink into two dozen stories that range from dark to light, fantasy to everyday, short-shorts to novelettes.

Two Stories: “Nahiku West” and “Nightside On Callisto”

Two science fiction stories by Nebula-award-winning author Linda Nagata–both stories selected for 2012 best-of-the-year anthologies: In the nanotech-drenched future of “Nahiku West” anything is possible, but not everything is allowed. Police officer Zeke Choy is charged with enforcing molecular law–but his first task is to determine if a crime has taken place. “Nahiku West” is …


Die Abaddon-Mission (German Edition)

Dieser Band enthält die besten SF-Stories von Frank W. Haubold aus den Jahren 1999 bis 2004. Einige Geschichten wurden für Literaturpreise nominiert und belegten vordere Plätze. DIE ABADDON-MISSION: Ein Kampfschiff der Allianzflotte strandet durch einen vermeintlichen Navigationsfehler in einem bis dahin unerforschten Sternsystem. Der einzig interessante Planet scheint unbewohnt, doch schon bald stellt sich heraus, …


Ahead of Time: A Collection of Short Stories

“[A] pomegranate writer: popping with seeds—full of ideas.” —Ray Bradbury From one of the most respected of science fiction writers comes a collection of science fiction stories described as “just about as good as the modern magazine science-fantasy story can get.” —J. Francis McComas and Anthony Boucher These ten science fiction stories include: Or Else …


Orange Hills of Eron

Trapped by aliens while on patrol on a strange planet called Eron, two soldiers–one old, one young–argue their place in the order of war.

A DEMON-PRINCESS OF MARS (The Death of Barsoom Book 3)

“A Demon-Princess of Mars” is the third book in the “Death of Barsoom” series, inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic Mars series starring John Carter. This novelette features Lyssa Bel, introduced in “A Rebel of Mars,” who is a different sort of Martian Princess. When last seen, her treacherous family had been ruined and she …



A collection of three alternate reality short stories from popular fantasy author John G. Hartness, Balance explores a world like our own, but just a little bit different. In Balance, the title story, a young girl working at a fast food restaurant is given a special keypad that controls the fortunes of her customers. She …