A select, international crew expected to land, years later, on an uninhabited planet orbiting the red sun of Alpha Centauri, using their ‘ship Canterbury as a base. Wrong. They arrived earlier than scheduled. It didn’t take long to discover that Melthyra was inhabited, but by then they had already lost Canterbury. And the majority of …


La Rubia

Francisca’s small settlement of Mexican refugees needed help defending itself from pirates roving the asteroid belt. But would her need outweigh her grief when the only help was offered by a European renegade whose combat robot had destroyed Mexico and killed her son?

Small Steps

Science fiction story set in the near future when a government on Earth seeks to recover the plans for the Lost (“line of sight travel”) Engine from a reclusive billionaire living at his space station at the L5 Earth-MoonLagrangian point. The entity that can build and operate Lost Engines will control the solar system and …


The End of Bee Season

The End of Bee Season is a novel which explores an alternative explanation for the disappearance of the American Honeybee and discusses in detail how the adulteration of the food supply may be the cause.

The Cosmic Lotus (Earth Series Book 3)

The Cosmic Lotus is the third in a series of science fiction novels. The mission is to rescue the second of three groups of astronauts that are exiled into the early history of Earth. The alternative to execution, this exile is proving to be an imperfect option. With the efforts of the Robe’s court, the …


Art.Hu.R. (Storie Sci-Fi Vol. 11) (Italian Edition)

Art.Hu.R. è una persona artificiale incaricata di tenere in ordine un’enorme astronave nel suo viaggio millenario verso un pianeta dall’altra parte dell’universo. Egli ancora non sa che dei gravi inconvenienti lo metteranno presto al comando di ogni cosa, e che dovrà lottare contro situazioni impossibili per portare il mezzo milione di ignari passeggeri bloccati a …


Beyond the Rim of Light

Captivated by the beauty of the planet Arden, xenobiologist and survey team leader Marissa Latham wants to preserve it and its dominant species, the rheodactyls (rheos). However, a treaty between the Usian Confederation and the Delphian Empire requires the clearing of Arden despite Marissa’s insistence the rheos are sentient. Unsupported by others, she is determined …


PlanetX91 the new home (Planet X91 Book 2)

Planet X91 the new home is the second book in this sci-fi adventure series. On board shuttle number one in hyper sleep is Clay Silver 16, Florian Fawkes 15 Josh Quinn 12. They wake five minutes before crashing on what they think is an uninhabited planet. The three have to be a team to survive. …


The Colony Chronicles

It is Birthing Season Ten, nearly fourteen years since Antboy and the colonists left earth to conduct a historic experiment for preserving the human race in the event of a global catastrophe: A space-borne colony based on the remarkable survival habits of the Ant. To the colonists, thirteen year old Atum, the first human born …


Rainbow’s Start

Molly Brown, only 15, follows her family’s adopted slaves from Earth to space and leads a colony start into trouble. Binneas, Diplomat of Fhiah, finds them on Questalod as Emperor Ry’nao makes plans for a new healer colony on Binneas’ home Alb Seer. Molly eagerly leads Rainbow Unwell Colony with 525 slaves she acquired to …