Meet Stokadia space entrepreneur left for dead on an unknown deserted planet – future earth. Space folding has left the one man behind who can change everything before it’s too late.

Psychonaut: Kampf um Neu-Berlin (German Edition)

Neu-Berlin, in nicht allzu ferner Zukunft. Die Stadt ist eine abgeriegelte Insel inmitten einer Welt des Chaos, denn das gesamte Umland ist durch die Psychodroge Acidium L verseucht worden, die im Verlauf kriegerischer Auseinandersetzungen zwischen westlicher Welt und den Vereinigten Islamischen Staaten großflächig versprüht worden ist. Innerhalb Neu-Berlins herrscht die Firma, regiert vom skrupellosen Faschisten-Führer …


Ghost Spin

Sometimes a ghost of a chance is all you get. Award-winning author Chris Moriarty returns to a dazzling cyber-noir far future in this gritty, high-stakes thriller where the only rule is “Evolve . . . or die.”   The Age of Man is ending. The UN’s sprawling interstellar empire is failing as its quantum teleportation …


Dead Man’s Resolution

Tibor Case longs to escape high school and move onto his real life, the one he knows will be infinitely better than his current one. His only relief from the drudgery of school comes when he escapes to Old Detroit to play games him and his best friend, William, created for their augmented reality shades. …


Mammoth Books presents Death in the Promised Land

‘Death in the Promised Land’ explores the potential dangers of becoming too closely involved in virtual reality. Parts of the story were later reworked into the novel Tea from an Empty Cup (1988), which had a sequel in Dervish is Digital (2001), both excellent examples of merging cyberpunk with the detective genre.

Malkuth: The Demon

A young boy leaves his hometown as a right of passage. He enters the lawless Wasteland, a product of a post nuclear war. Early in his journeys the boy is confronted with the true brutal nature of what mankind has become, and in an act of self preservation he allows the assistance of a demon. …


IC9: A Cyberpunk Detective Story

Randy Christiansen is a brilliant hacker turned cop. Join Randy as he faces off against another brilliant hacker that can kill through a video stream. Will Randy crack the case, or will he be her next victim?

Mistaken Advances

A grouping of short stories that glimpse our relationships with approaching technologies and landscapes. Specifically, a reboot of the human brain, A.I. capable of creating anything we describe, and selective memory storage.

An den Rändern der Zeit (German Edition)

Ein spannender, ungewöhnlicher Social Fiction Roman mit Cyberpunk- und Mystery-Elementen von Antje Ippensen, mehrfach ausgezeichnete Autorin (z.B. Platz 9 beim Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis 2006) Eine rätselhafte Seuche breitet sich schleichend aus in der partiell hypermodernen Augenwelt, einem Stadtstaat, in dessen Mauern die Bevölkerung stetig wächst. AMT und LABOR, technokratische Regierungsorgane, reeagieren hilflos auf die unfassbare Bedrohung. Rächt …


Bug Jack Barron

GET SET FOR THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO YOU! The banned book is back! You’ve heard of it, now you can read it! Lover and hero, Jack Barron, the sold-out media god of the Bug Jack Barron Show, has one last chance to hit it big when he meets Benedict Howards, the power-mad …