De x Maquìna: Generation

Naoki Sato became the first Orphan to become an Aristocrat, but when he survived an assassination attempt, he soon learns a truth about the society he became a part of.

Ice Cream And Bullets (Charlotte Hill Stories Book 1)

Ice Cream And Bullets is the story of Charlotte Hill, a trained operative. Or so she thinks. Ice Cream And Bullets follows Charlotte on her first encounter with Seattle. This is the story of self discovery and bullets, lots of bullets.

Tokyo Yakuza #2: Still Waters

In Tokyo, an ancient city rebuilt so many times, where so much of the old ways have been lost, the yakuza rule with violence as their coin. Street lamps glow with the eerie green of algae, and bio-tech is becoming a mainstay, as geisha and the neighborhood sushi-ya struggle to find their own place in …


Starry Dream (StarryDreamSeries)

Vex is a ten-year-old juvenile delinquent headed toward a life of gangs and crime in the Outer Galaxy. After the death of a good friend, he decides to turn away from gang life and discovers a growing talent for gaming. Despite his poverty and limited education, the ambitious young boy has dreams of winning the …


Alveare e dintorni (Italian Edition)

Dal pluripremiato autore Gianluca Turconi, una antologia di fantascienza dura e cruda, e allo stesso tempo divertente, che spazia da uno cyberpunk feroce a guerre interplanetarie tra umani e razze mai viste, passando per un futuro prossimo ironicamente simile al presente eppure tanto diverso. I racconti inclusi sono i seguenti: “Ragazze in scatola” Il mercato …


Over the Adrenaline Edge Volume 8: Science Fiction Short Stories

Take a look into the future with this short story collection. An anthology of short stories of the fantastic, and of science fiction, fantasy, and cyberpunk. Influenced by the futurist ideas of Isaac Asimov, the dream stories of Ray Bradbury, and the dystopia of Philip K. Dick, this collection of short stories will keep you …


Chicago (Doors into the Dimensions Book 2)

Book 2 of the Doors into the Dimensions Series Joe and Alice helped the Artificial Intelligence computer of the Barton Street Gym win the battle for Milwaukee. Now the Superstrand Opti-cable network is about to connect Milwaukee to Chicago. What will they find, in the larger city? Has a single computer assimilated the city? Is …


Automatic Assassin

A cyberpunk space opera about Xolo, a man who replaced his conscience with a machine. A routine assassination on a synthetic planet gets complicated when Xolo stupidly rescues some kids, gets a bomb in his head (that falls in love with him) and then winds up on the world of kings, brainslaves and electric zombies …


Olympus A.D.: (re-issue) (Protox Book 1)

Re-issue of the bestselling cyberpunk novella by A.J. Waters A fast paced, futuristic, science-fiction action romp. Jack Tatton is a hitman whose world begins to crash around him after a job goes terribly wrong. Now he must go to the gang ridden city of Olympus to find both answers and revenge. “I can say from …


Every Last Hurrah

In the not-too-distant future, billionaire tycoon Randall Howard has converted an abandoned South Dakota strip mine into the ultimate 24/7 celebration – PartyTime. Decadent. Depraved. Televised. Free. Follow the rules and you can stay as long as you like. Everyone is invited. Only a lucky few make it past the velvet rope. Alcoholic journalist Kevin …