Parasite (Shadows of the Past Book 2)

What should have died in the fire at his cabin didn’t, and to make matters worse the same life form has begun popping up all over the world, forcing Sam to shoulder his responsibility, and become the hunter of this alien life force that threatens to replace man at the top of the food chain.

The Guest (The Alien Hunters Book 1)

What if you were twelve years old and abducted by aliens but no one believed you? You’re parent’s are missing, you’re unable to speak for two years, unfit for foster care, put in a State Institution and your attempts at escape have failed – what would you do? You’d probably do what I did – …


Black Mariah – “A Calling”

Who is Black Mariah? Jeri Asher and Chris Dixon are recruiters for the BLACK MARIAH program. They are the best at what they do, but Jeri has grave doubts about what has been hidden for years – the truth behind who is being sacrificed so the world can be saved. “BLACK MARIAH – A Calling” …


Undermountain (The Undermountain Saga #1)

The Undermountain SagaPerfect for fans of YA adventure and science fiction. A group of teens embarks on a backpacking adventure, each wanting an escape from real life, each for a different reason. For Danny it’s his mother’s domineering boyfriend; for cheerful Breyona, it’s a suppressed memory; for Shiv it’s a tragedy he keeps secret; for Wa it’s a chance …


A Simple Truth

“Two hours ago a wideband radio signal was received that covered all the high frequency channels. It was strong enough to block all normal communication and was received across half the world. The message was as follows – ‘Earth, One Gigahertz, Procyon,’ in plain English, clear as you like.” This momentous development triggers a chain …


The Lord of the Sky: Season 1

The story follows the young adventurer Agata Kiitfa, Amy Kiitfa and Seaash Luhiwa in a adventure for a lifetime. This book is a re-edited version of episode 1-4 with over 300 extra words and a new scenes. Simply download this book and found out…

HUMANS of the Amalgamation (Lillith Chronicles)

Garard has devoted his life to alleviating traumas for Lord Metz and the royal family. First, the death of Metz’ wife and son in child-birth. Then, Metz’ second marriage to a self-absorbed woman who plays wicked step-mother to Metz’ beloved first daughter, Jaym. Most recently, the threat of war with Lord Roark, averted only by …


Coalescence (Camden Investigations Book 1)

Iris Camden thought she knew who her family was even if they weren’t always forthcoming. Her half sister is a medium reeling from the loss of her biological mother. Her estranged father is an obsessed government worker who cannot reveal what he does. When an artifact appears in a ghost hunting expedition, Iris is the …



What if you lived in a world where there was no gender, where your name changed when you changed careers?