Moonrise (The Grand Tour Book 5)

In the 21st century, the world is on the brink of a scientific renaissance, about to birth a future where space has become privatized and the moon transforms into a fertile commercial ground. As former astronaut Paul Stavenger works to turn a handful of abandoned government moon shelters into a full-fledged moonbase, powerful corporate lobbies …


Ein neuer Anfang: Die verlorene Kolonie 9 (German Edition)

Nach dem Verlust der Flame of Tsarkis und dem Abschluss der Antistrahlungsbehandlung wartet ein neues Schiff und neue Aufgaben auf Alisa Roskovskaja, doch schon der erste Einsatz wirft neue Fragen auf. Warten noch mehr Feinde auf das Protektorat der vereinten Völker?


This is a science fiction novel. We start with the ‘boy meets girl’ premise, even if it isn’t on dear old Terra. Lots of excitement and action included, even with an invasion of aliens involved. What was done about it? Dive in, you’ll enjoy the diversion.

Wikiworld (Portuguese Edition)

«Russ Reynolds sou eu. Você provavelmente se lembra do meu nome, porque governei o país por três dias. Não foram dias muito loucos? Lamento por ter iniciado uma guerra comercial com tantos países ao redor do globo. Aposto que vocês estão gratos pelas coisas não terem chegado à luta armada. Eu sei. Eu também me …


Soul Searching (The Nodes of God Book 1)

Newly Reduced Price! DENNIS was a supercomputer designed for war. But once it began to awaken to its own sense of purpose, DENNIS alone would decide what it felt compelled to do. Unexpectedly able to see into the quantum world where its most exotic thoughts formed, DENNIS devised a disruptive experiment to learn what it …


10 Lost Pulp Sci-Fi Masterpieces

Imagine 167 pages of vintage, hardcore, pulp science fiction with no holds barred, and you have in an instant the essence of this compilation. Plus, classic, pulp illustrations of beautiful – dare I say it – buxom babes! You will find these and more in this collection of lost, sci-fi pulp masterpieces.

EGOCENTRIC ORBIT, and Thirteen Other SciFi Classic Stories

EGOCENTRIC ORBIT, and Thirteen Other SciFi Classic Stories Copyright, 2009. G. Worshington THE MERCENARIES p. 3 By H. BEAM PIPER From Astounding Science Fiction March 1950 THE PREMIERE p.25 By RICHARD SABIA From Amazing Science Fiction Stories September 1959 AMAZING STORIES SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL THIS CROWDED EARTH p.42 By ROBERT BLOCH From Amazing Science Fiction …


Mankind’s Redirection – V6 – 2nd Ed

Mankind’s Redirection – Vol 6 Formerly Published as: Star Fleet – The Beginning – Vol 6 Under my Pen Name; Fred Grundy Bill Ley Author and Publisher In this sixth volume in the prequels to the Mankind’s Return series and the follow on series, Mankind Future, they continue to expand and refine their expansion into …


The Watcher (Silo Submerged Book 3)

Please note: All three Silo Submerged books are now available in one volume! The Watcher is book three. After Ace fails to clean the sensors, he disappears over a hill and out of sight, leaving chaos and confusion in his wake. Nothing could have prepared him for what he found on the other side. The …


The Freedom Chip

Some good things come with bad intentions. Malcolm Briggs was about to discover this long observed truth. Implanted with a device in his brain that was supposed to set him FREE, he soon discovered that its real intent was to keep him prisoner for life. Determined to free himself and the rest of mankind from …