Sun Dragon

2012: NASA’s Curiosity Rover lands on Mars to search for signs of whether microbial life existed on the planet. 2018: The first alien lifeform, a simple wormlike creature is discovered, gripping the world’s imagination. 2022: The first manned mission to Mars begins the longest and most dangerous journey ever undertaken by humankind. From hundreds of …


Enduring Prophesy 1950

Anyone with a dream can envision that science and technology of the future will someday be able to duplicate visual lenses. More important, understanding what this vision attained. Work had to continue this work to find the source behind that glow. This indicted that life was always there. But now for the first time, man …


Buying Time (a story from Time, emiT, and Time Again)

(~4k words) This story gives merely a glimpse of two young people who fall in love at first sight, and of the time-bending company they both work for: Chronomatics. Learn about Chronomatics’ unique services, all of which make use of a form of time dilation to either seem to add more hours to your day …


Works by Philip K. Dick

Philip Kindred Dick (December 16, 1928 – March 2, 1982) was an American novelist, short story writer, essayist and philosopher whose published works mainly belong to the genre of science fiction. Dick explored philosophical, sociological, political and metaphysical themes in novels dominated by monopolistic corporations, authoritarian governments, and altered states of consciousness.

The Rookie

Unit 838 is a machine built for a simple purpose: To destroy humans, by appearing to be one of them. His ability to anticipate the actions of the inferior but unpredictable biologicals puts him on a fast track to promotion. But when he disobeys an order to win the wrong battle, he is sentenced to …



Do you truly believe that you are reading this by accident? Don’t be so naïve. Think carefully about what led you to this page. Think about the little decisions you made. Maybe they weren’t really your decisions at all. This story will let you know how we developed the means to bring you here. But …


I nomi delle Stelle – Un viaggio Indimenticabile (Italian Edition)

Romanzo di fantascienza, science fiction. Nuova Edizione del romanzo, già pubblicato dal 2010 al 2013 per Edizioni Scudo nella collana Long Stories. ‘Chi ricorderà più i nomi delle stelle? Perché un governo mondiale ha deciso di sostituirli con sterili numeri progressivi? ‘: questa è anche la domanda che il computer HALICE, appena risvegliatosi da un …



A QUANTUM PHYSICS MURDER MYSTERY. A Mind-Bending, Near-Future, Science Fiction Technothriller. Jacob Kelley’s family is turned upside down when an old friend turns up, waving a gun and babbling about an alien quantum intelligence. The mystery deepens when the friend is found dead in an underground bunker…apparently murdered the night he appeared at Jacob’s house. …


The Origination Code (Out of Time Book 3)

The president’s agent is sent on a frivolous mission to the future to determine the president’s legacy. It proves to be a trip that carries far reaching consequences for the president, the president-elect and the entire human race.

The Automatic Marlboro

The fate and fecundity of a race of intelligent robots lies in the hands of a shiftless crew of grad students during the politically-charged atmosphere of post-pioneer Mars. When the extreme ideology of the new government is unmasked Terran immigrant Marlboro Siemens learns that his own fate is at risk as much as those of …