Drone Wars: The Beginning

John is working in his garden when he is attacked by a drone armed with a .40 caliber gun. After barely escaping being killed and managing to destroy the drone with a shotgun, he suddenly notices that the sky above the adjacent cornfield is black with approaching drones. He rushes his wife into the root …


The Five Keys to the Kingdom of the Apocalypse

Thermonuclear weapons. Biological and chemical weapons. Plasma pulse weapons. We now have the power to harness the destructive fury and the fires of Hell. Mankind has the capacity to destroy the human species and the natural wonders of our planet, many times over. Terrorism may strike at any time in any place. And the terrorists …


Vertigine (Capsule Vol. 4) (Italian Edition)

Un racconto senza tempo, che sconvolge le nostre normalità quotidiane con una possente carica onirica e visionaria da… Vertigine! Un piccolo must da custodire gelosamente, uno dei più bei racconti apparsi sulla rivista di movimento NeXT.

The Red Light (The Chronicles Of Truth Book 1)

It was called the world treaty. A document forged from the fires of the final war, ensuring the horrors of the past would never again have the power to stain the conscience of earth’s future. It was a promise of peace that still remained unbroken. An agreement that saw an all powerful world government rise …


Planet for Plunder

A Conservation Agent detects poachers in the act of stripping a nearby planet of its metals. As the Agent moves to intercept, the poachers make their escape, but not before setting robotic probes to burrow into the core of the planet. Thinking the planet uninhabited, the Agent lands to assess the damage, only to encounter …


Mission Phoenix 1 – Der Auftrag (German Edition)

Als Captain Melori aufgrund eines Zerwürfnisses mit ihrem Vorgesetzten ihren Posten als Kommandantin einer Raumjägerstaffel verliert, macht ihr die Forschungsflotte ein überraschendes Angebot. Sie soll eine Reihe hochqualifizierter, aber als schwierig geltende Mitglieder der Terranischen Raumflotte zu einer effektiven Crew zusammenschweißen. Obwohl Melori ahnt, dass mehr dahintersteckt, als man ihr sagt, akzeptiert sie die Aufgabe. …


Book Sidekick – The Barkeep (Unofficial)

WARNING: This is an unofficial reading sidekick designed to heighten your enjoyment and understanding of The Barkeep by William Lashner. Do not buy this sidekick until you first have a copy of the original work. BookBuddy is an imprint of BookScribed, an independent digital learning company with a mission to bring the joy of reading …