Darkness Rising

Kia’s life revolved around the monsters that stalked her tribe every night. The Dark killed at will and there was nothing that Kia could do. Until one night, Kia’s anger overwhelmed her fear. Her life went on a different path, one that she could never have anticipated. Defender of her tribe, Kia bided her time …


The Last Laugh (The Sentinel Book 4)

Book Four of the Sentinel series in this book Hank and his family have to face the fact that Earth has turned against them and that their best chance to defeat the Insanity is now out among the stars with Hank’s youngest son Emperor Centurion.

All I Have

* English and French translations This is the story of a man in love, in love with many things and fearful the world will find out. He hids behind is work, learns he is a father and comes to the conclusion that the man he loves is more dear to him than worlds they come …


Networked (Argo Series Book 2)

An Argo Novel Major Duncan Harris is a Union soldier serving aboard the space station Argo, leading one of the station’s exploratory teams. He is quiet, reserved, and has sworn off any personal relationships since his last one ended messily. Besides, working closely with various team members makes him uncomfortable. One of Argo’s engineers, Dr. …


A Slave in Skoria

Previous Book: A Stranger in Skoria Jason has settled into his strange life on the world of Skoria as the beloved pet and telepathically bonded lover of Captain Aedar Rictus, a cyborg pirate. Being the world’s only human makes him a hot commodity, though, and when a local lawman sees his chance, he seizes Jason …


Longer Views: Extended Essays

“Reading is a many-layered process — like writing,” observes Samuel R. Delany, a Nebula and Hugo award-winning author and a major commentator on American literature and culture. In this collection of six extended essays, Delany challenges what he calls “the hard-edged boundaries of meaning” by going beyond the customary limits of the genre in which …


This Crazy Infection (This Crazy Universe Book 1)

Myrha wins a poetry contest for a free vacation to Lieval: a world supposedly made of beaches, babes and barbecue. But when guests start disappearing, it quickly turns into a world of mayhem, mystery and muscle-munching zombies! This novella contains swearing, talk of sex and descriptions of violence.

Final Revelation: The Black Tree Volume Seven Book Thirteen

Book Thirteen: Final Revelation More of Mark’s family shows up, supposedly to help. Mikassa has managed to escape Marduk’s grasp and joins in the search for the remaining talismans. It slowly dawns on various crew members that their life sucks way worse than it should. They suspect that one or a few of them may …


Fugue in Ursa Major

Jake is young, and his life seems boring. Phaedrus is old, and his life seems empty. Phaedrus seems to think that a nightmare is about to happen. Jake just wants to go on dreaming. Does Phaedrus really know something? Or is he just a broken old man? Jake must choose. If Phaedrus is right, then …


The Lunatic: Ascension From Madness

As human beings, what is it that matters most to us? Is it love? Friendship? Or maybe acceptance through all of life’s little trials? And what happens when someone else tries to take our humanity away from us? Do we fight and scream to reclaim it? Or do we instead lose sight of those things …