Raven Lodge (To Destroy Mankind Book 4)

The mundane lives of the staff and owners of Canadian hunting retreat The Raven Lodge, are shaken up when love and death comes seeks each of them out in the Alberta wilderness.

Neue Welt (German Edition)

Es ist kaum vorstellbar: Eine Welt ohne Männer. Und doch gibt es sie, wie Corey erstaunt feststellen muss, als sie auf einer Erkundungsmission mit ihrem Raumschiff auf einer Erden-Kolonie landet. Denn auf dem ganzen Planeten leben nur Frauen. Ein Virus hatte vor Jahrhunderten den männlichen Teil der Bevölkerung dahingerafft, doch die Frauen haben Mittel und …


Duanta Beads (Quantinum Residue Saga Book 1)

Quantinum Residue: Book One Thousands of years after a cataclysmic explosion forever changes the atmosphere of the Earth, shelter dweller Evan journeys to the world’s surface in search of a way to help his people survive. What he finds is Rourke, a descendent of the humans who stayed above. They’re different: Evan and the other …


Carmel Rose (magic series Book 1)

The story takes place in Georgia where a woman who’s life has taken an unexpected change must face the reality of the situation and learn to accept who she now is along with accepting help from a family of vampires in order to survive.

Airship Shenanigans

Here is the (hopefully) long awaited sequel to the SFR Galaxy Award winning series, Sky Pirate; Airship Shenanigans! Finnegan and his crew have spent two peaceful years on the floating island of Sanctuary. Being pirates though, they start to grow restless. So, on a whim, Finn leaves his mayoral duties to Lady Lilith and he …


An All Too Perfect World

Max wakes up after being frozen for an indeterminate time to a world that is “all too perfect” when compared to the world he left. This is a story of discovery as Max tries to reconcile the world he left when he was frozen, to the world that now exists after being revived.

Lucid Series – Book 10: Damsel In Distress

It’s up to Lucy to slay an evil king’s raging dragon… As she’s swept away from her office into a mysterious castle, Lucy learns she’s been selected as the future bride of a great tyrant, and now only the heroic efforts of her knight in shining armor can save her from her cruel, erotic fate …


Fates Worse Than Death: Sunrise Hotel

Tina is a teenage runaway living in a small single-room-occupancy hotel with some other runaways in the Bowery. The Bowery is the most blighted part of Manhattan, one of the most blighted inner cities in America in the year 2080. Tina survives by begging, by shoplifting, and occasionally by prostituting herself. Tina likes to think …


NeXt: Episode 4: Survival

A hybrid of “Alphas” and classic “X-Men,” episodes of NeXt are released in weekly 6000+ word installments plus one scene as a three-page comic. No other weekly serial combines prose and comics to create such taut action and adventure. Catch Episode 1: Origin for just 99 cents at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KE5R24I In the near future, when augmenting …


Dirty Cop Gender Swap (Feminzation Menage Romance)

When dirty cop Eddie steals some Feminall from evidence, he gets a surprise he never bargained for — the body of a beautiful young woman, ready to be loved and worshipped by men. What will Eddie do when he wakes up in the evidence room? Will a police baton be enough to satisfy his insatiable …