Z-State: Part I: Awakenings

Z State turns the traditional zombie tale on its head, reaching deeper and farther into human consciousness, and the unlocked possibilities that lie in our very being. Fear and revulsion walk hand-in-hand with insight and enlightenment. In this future apocalypse, the victims of a wave of Z-dust unearthed in an archeological dig in Africa, enter …


The Puppet Record

In the distant future, humans have spread to multiple planets and have discovered a conscious alien race. Yawmkind and humankind exist peacefully under a joint government called the Bastion, but this unity is tested when groups of human children simultaneously vanish on every human settlement. Stowed away on the ship sent out to investigate the …



The story concerns the first emergence on earth of true electronic consciousness, which comes about as a result of a research project designed to simulate scientific reasoning in a supercomputer. The title comes from the diminutive nickname the computer scientists have for their research project – The Scientific Rationality Project. They don’t expect it to …


The Space Heretics (The Space Heretics Series Book 1)

This is a history of the early Space Age as told by the court historian of the Galactic Empire centuries later. The Galactic Empire began in the Ur System, which hosts a number of habitable planets and moons revolving around the two suns Tiamat and Abzu. The inner planets are divided into two regions based …


Manipulate (Alien Cadets Book 1)

Don’t miss out on the newly complete Alien Cadet series! The aliens who currently administer Earth have a simple proverb: Survival is sanity. Nineteen-year-old Sam Locklear grew up on the alien homeworld after being conscripted into their training program as a child. He became one of the their favorite cadets through his charisma and hard …


The Final Holy War: Book 3: The Apocalypse Chronicles

It is 4015 and humans are non-existent on planet Earth. Evil has complete control of the planet and all that’s left are the undead and demons. Jezebel is Legion’s top spy; when she is given an order to fly to Mars and capture the small colony of humans inhabiting the planet, she gets more than …


The Truth Teller

A five-year-old boy can sense who is telling the truth…and who isn’t. It’s a gift some will do anything to silence and a mother will do anything to protect.Lara Godfrey desperately wants to have a child–a living legacy from her late husband. Placing her life in the hands of a doctor she believes she can …



After leading a botched religious ceremony into an alternate universe, Brother Lee, a guide within the Church of Harry, must mend damage he has witnessed, followed by his own martyrdom…before he is offered an additional and preferable choice.

Your Wish Is My Command

Josh Watkins, a young hick from a small back woods town called Lotus, Missouri one day meets up with a mysterious stranger, Gene E. Incubus who changes his life forever by fullfilling every wish. Would you dare to make a wish to a total stranger and know it will can come true?