Alexander, Overlord (Alexander Galaxus Book 2)

Alexander has founded the Terran Empire, Humankind’s dream of ascending to the stars is a reality. Yet even as Alexander retires from the brewing political battles of the new empire, the Galactics are plotting to bring down the fledgling Terrans. Alexander discounts the Galactics, until Chem, the greatest of the Galactic Empires becomes embroiled in …


Disaster: Mission Earth Volume 8

Who is the true master of disaster? Earthlings: prepare for the shock of your lives! Global warming . . . reversed. The energy crisis . . . over. The greatest problem on Earth . . . solved. Voltarian Royal Officer of the Fleet, Jettero Heller, has it all figured out. And he’s devised a daring …


Assassin: A Novel of the Confederation

In the distant future, in our own galactic backyard… With the Confederation on the brink of war, the Watchtower organization struggles to maintain peace despite the ongoing threat of the Secessionists. A killer is picking off Watchmen one by one. Following the philosophy of “Set a thief to catch a thief,” Watchman Wisconsin Lockerbie hires …


Star Force: Insurrection (SF28)

While Star Force’s two front war against the Nestafar and lizards rages on, back home a sleeping nemesis twitches, exposing itself to Davis’s keen gaze and drawing an Archon-level response. “Insurrection” is the 28th episode in the series. Word Count: 30,800

Conflict (Tides of Mars Book 2)

An OMNIBUS version of Tides of Mars is available that contains this book and Book I. As Ariel and her friends get ready to start making a difference, the Senate decides to do it for her and declares war on the Empire. Ariel learns more about what it means to be a leader, and the …


Warrior and the Biologist, The

An alien invasion pushes mankind to the point of extinction. The raynids prey on humans as a food source, swarming through the universe like locusts from a nightmare. A small band of survivors of the distant planet of Gaviron hunt the monsters but they’re slowly losing the war. Biron, highly-trained and gifted warrior of Gaviron, …


Star Force: Fabricação (SF7) (Portuguese Edition)

Paul e os demais adeptos começam a se ajustar à nova função, sem supervisão nem controle dos treinadores ao forçarem as habilidades além dos padrões humanos. Enquanto isso, projetam a estrutura militar que deverão comandar por ordem de Davis. “Fabricação” é o 7º episódio da série. Número de palavras: 23.000 A TranslaCAT ( é uma …


The Birth and Death of a Space Pirate

Falar is an exceptional air mage, living alone as a farmer. When he encounters a fugitive pirate and fails to turn her over to the law, she offers him a place on her ship… but not before he discovers how thoroughly he’s been played from the first moment he saw her.

Warriors of the Four Worlds

The Vingin are a peaceful species, who are genetically incapable of violence. Humans and Zirans are their protectors. While Humans have shown a frightening appetite for violence, they have never reveled in it the way that their alien counterparts have. For Zirans are a brutal species with a lust for war. Human and Ziran muscle …