Star Commandos: Books 1 to 3 Bundle

Best-selling author, PM Griffin, bundles books 1 to 3 from her Star Commandos Series, 746 pages of riveting space opera adventure: Star Commandos: Book 1 Raw courage and will to fight must prevail over an uncountable horde’s all-encompassing drive to consume, or humanity on Vishnu must submit to certain, viciously cruel death. Colony in Peril: …


Perry Rhodan Neo 77: Eine Falle für Rhodan: Staffel 8: Protektorat Erde (Perry Rhodan Neo Paket) (German Edition…

Eineinhalb Jahre sind vergangen, seit der Astronaut Perry Rhodan auf dem Mond auf ein havariertes Raumschiff der Arkoniden gestoßen ist. Im November 2037 ist die Erde kaum wiederzuerkennen. Die Erkenntnis, dass die Menschheit nur eine von unzähligen intelligenten Spezies ist, hat ein neues Bewusstsein geschaffen. Die Spaltung in Nationen ist überwunden. Ferne Welten sind in …


Tamaya’s Recruitment (Don’t Change Book 3)

Tamaya was a normal young lady, trying to enjoy her life within the boundaries that her father had set, when the Cybots had attacked. She had found the bravery to defend her people when whe noticed her younger brother was in trouble. Then Joshua came into her life to recruit her… Mechanized warriors begin to …


Wrath of Angels (Sins of Angels Book 3)

The Angels have awakened and Rachel faces a universe at war. The Mizraim Empire and the Asheran Confederacy struggle for supremacy, each seeking the new technologies of the Ark. But the Angels have their own agenda, and soon mankind will have to band together or fall before the wrath of Angels.

Le messager du néant (French Edition)

Après la défaite dans une guerre entre les humains et un peuple extraterrestre intelligent, les hommes survivants vivent dans une réserve sur la Lune. Les humains sont partagés entre le désir de vivre tranquillement et celui de prendre leur revanche. Un groupe d’irréductible va forcer leur main. Par un message messianique, ce groupe appelé Ordre …


Captain Paperfox And The Vampire Pandas From Beyond The Moon.

Captain Paperfox and his crew receive a distress signal from the Corva Mining Company Ship; “The Magpie.”However, upon investigating “The Magpie” they find that the ship has been overrun with ferocious, bloodthirsty Vampire Pandas! Trapped – will they be able to escape back to their ship before the pandas find them?

Star Sailor #3: Jyoti the Slave

Star Sailor is a series of episodic novellas about a girl named Najima Dezetoiles, and her travels by raft throughout a galaxy once rocked by a terrible war, as she searches for something she lost. In this episode, Najima crash lands on a the lush, rainy planet of Tamiravani III, where she must solve a …


The Red Hell of Jupiter and Other Stories by Paul Ernst (Halcyon Classics)

This Halcyon Classics ebook collection contains two novels and four science fiction stories by Paul Ernst (c. 1899-1985). Ernst was a noted pulp fiction writer who began publishing in the 1920s; he was the author of the popular “Avenger” comic series (under the pseudonym ‘Paul Robeson’). His writing appeared in Astounding Stories, Strange Tales and …


Galactic Assimilation

It is a difficult time for the human race. Even after two centuries of alliance with the Galactic Community, Earth continues to struggle with sustainability. Their efforts to restore the planet have been constantly thwarted by outside forces. The discovery of an advanced civilization’s technology brought humans to the forefront of a new frontier. Now …


Zetar: A Science Fiction Epic

When Jed and Arryl Zetar are stricken with amnesia and separated, it triggers change on an unprecedented scale. In a new galaxy and a new era, relive the story of two people whose search for answers throws empires into chaos, and tips the balance of a galactic power struggle. On the web at