Chasing Laura Ingalls starts at their beginning in Walnut Grove, Minnesota, and ends with the final days of Laura Ingalls and Almanzo James “Manly” Wilder in Mansfield, Missouri. This is their true story!

The pictorial tour has photos of the people, places and things that made them what they were—American pioneers! Some of the facts will amaze and some will simply instill the desire to know more about two people that were known so well on stage and screen. Within this book are photos of their homes and their last resting places that you will want to show your family and friends.

Inside this book is a photo of the wagon exactly like the one Laura, Manly and their daughter Rose traveled in to Missouri. That wagon is NOT anything similar to the ones shown on television. Also included is a replica photo of the streamlined automobile that Manly drove on his return to see what was left of the family in South Dakota. Manly was amazed that he could travel so far in one day when the previous trip had taken nearly 8 weeks!

Television has taken great liberties in the casting of performers to play the roles of Laura and Manly. It is quite surprising to know the truth about them. Of course the television show and movies are based upon true occurrences, as reported by Laura Ingalls Wilder in her books; however some things that may have revealed the Ingalls and Wilders to be average people were substantially upgraded and staged by the studios to make the segments more entertaining. No one faults the studios for this, since entertainment is what we seek. Yet the facts are worthwhile also.

See for yourself. See the people, places and things that made Laura Ingalls worth chasing.

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