Code Name: Alligator: A World War II Fantasy Novel

Join Major Arlen Richington, a wealthy heir to a British title and an SOE soldier, as he confronts the evil of the Nazi Reich during World War II. Arlen Richington, of the noble Richington family, is a skilled and intelligent agent who can speak German as well as he can speak the Queen’s tongue. He is refined, strong, a good shot and a bit of a stuffed shirt. He was also born a victim of the family curse — a mysterious disorder that leaves him looking like a human reptile, with smooth, pale skin, large gold-yellow eyes and long claws on his hands and feet. Other than that, Arlen is just like any other young nobleman in England, just doing his part to try and stop Adolf Hitler.

Arlen attempts to disguise his monstrous appearance, but must often use his reptilian features to his advantage when it’s necessary to protect himself and those he seeks to protect. He becomes involved in various Resistance groups and behind-the-line fighting, using disguises to try to uncover the machinations of a high ranking, powerful Nazi named Manfred Hildebrandt, who may hold the key to winning WWII.

Arlen finds himself facing Nazis at all of WWII’s hotspots, including Dunkirk, France, Denmark, Paris and Berlin. His adventure continues after the end of the war, as he finds himself roped into a new investigation in the newly divided West and East Germany. He faces a conspiracy that goes from a hot war to a Cold War.

Book 1 in the Code Name: Alligator series.

Warning: This book contains violent scenes that may be offensive to some readers.