Colonies of Earth

In the years following a heinous war of nuclear ferocity, the world simmers down in its quest for repose via an increased attempt at gaining scientific knowledge. Technological breakthroughs are numerous; QEM (Quark Electromagnetic Movement) is discovered along with ‘nuclei fuel’. Millions upon untold millions of people, of all nationalities, break free of the Earth’s gravitation, and travel both legally and illegally to other far-away worlds. Such a move is conducted through QEM-gate, a permanently laid path of flight between two systems.

Man travels to the new but far-away systems and commences his colonisation of the varied worlds encountered; it is then that catastrophe hits. ‘Parsec mutation’ takes hold on the invading species, and man falls under a variety of changes. ‘QEM migration’ is suddenly forbidden and the worlds already colonised come under change; each world gives freely to the meaning of evolution.

Hundreds of years later ‘parsec mutation’ is finally controlled and the worlds hidden behind several hundred years of banned QEM-gate travel are brought into view.

This is the story of the unstable peace that exists within these New Worlds. Many hostilities are met with as the galaxy casts its net against war provoking actions, by gaming war itself and battling with the very existence of all threatening foe.

In Quadrant Three is the Mildratawa, a peace loving council that confides all matters to the representatives of other worlds and Quadrants. Without the Mildratawa peace could never exist. Set in the year 2393 the Mildratawa is to the galaxy what the UN is to the Earth, as we knew it in the late 20th century.