Confessions Of A Professional Traveler: Save Thousands Using Secret Travel Tips

Former Stone Temple Pilots personal manager, Steve Stewart, reveals little known travel tactics picked up over more than 20 years of world travels. Many of these travel tips have never been made public, and can save you and your family thousands of dollars over just a few trips.

His prior experience as a ticketing agent for a major US airline provides additional and unique insight on the inner-workings of reservations systems and the best way to use them to your advantage.

Whether you use an agent or book your own travel, the information in this book is typically outside the typical travel agent’s scope of knowledge and can save you both time and money booking airfares, hotels and rental cars.

These secret travel tactics can benefit everyone from the hardcore road warrior to the family traveling on vacation, and can serve to make your travel experience both more comfortable and less expensive. The savings from just one of these re-usable and sustainable travel tips will pay for the cost of this book many times over.