Convergence (Dandelion Trilogy Book 3)

The Convergence Project is a covert military/governmental science project that uses prisoners on death row to explore what happens to people as they die.

The experience of life flashing before your eyes just before death is a process called active retrieval where memories are being recalled and lived out again in the mind.

As the amount of time before death decreases, the brain exponentially increases the speed of playback and starts looping: repeating over and over a lifetime’s worth of memories. Each playback makes the memories stronger and retains more detail.

Eventually an infinite playback speed is reached forming a memory singularity called a Convergence Point, where the ‘moment’ lasts for ever and the person effectively enters an afterlife of their own making.

Subjects are killed by lethal injection within an enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Core, which brings on active retrieval and allows the brain activity to be imaged moments before the Convergence Point forms. The ‘near’ Convergence Points are downloaded into neutral clones who effectively decode the brain patterns back into memories. These Convergence Clones are subjected to psychoanalysis to try to gain an understanding of the death experience. The project has the added bonus of extracting information held deep in the subconscious of terrorists by using Convergence on them and then interrogating their Convergence Clone, which is recycled after use and reformed.