Cosmic Entanglement (Alysian Universe Series Book 3)

What do you do when an alien probe crash lands into your private garden, and only your sworn enemy has a space program?

Raegon T’Sang, overlord of the Royal Dynasty, turns to Director Harrison Steele of the Democratic Union’s exploration lab in a desperate attempt to put together a joint interstellar venture to discover the origin of the probe and overcome the problems of traveling the vast and dangerous distances of deep space. But the two diverse cultures clash, causing political intrigue, forbidden romance, a dangerous bet, attempted murder and violent deaths

Braden Steele, Harrison’s grandson, has always dreamed of being captain of the first interstellar manned expedition, but his path is fraught with obstacles as hidden enemies and competitive teammates block his attempt to navigate through Sunpointe Academy and qualify for the seat.

Will Alysia’s joint effort succeed in the face of extremist from both sides trying to stop the program? Or will they be able to build a ship and search out the makers of the alien device?