Craggy’s Home Run (Craggy Books Book 5)

#5 in series. Space Opera.

He’s back and “Craggier” than ever.

It was time for the Human race to expand their horizons One of the biggest missions ever undertaken has volunteers heading out into previously unknown space. But they aren’t the only ones with their eyes on the prize and the race is on. Craggy has other concerns, like his gammy leg. It has to be amputated. But is it possible that even at ninety-eight years old, another mission in space beckons?

The only other planet with their name on it was Tryzon, best described as a “snowball in space”. Only hard bitten miners lived there. Home was the first planet seriously colonised by Humans after Mars. Home eventually became the hub of the Human empire and the Deep Space Intelligence organisation. But how did the Humans find this planet? It almost didn’t happen. Had it not been for the old story teller, Dixon “Craggy” Cragg, Home and the whole sector would have been lost to the Humans. This is what happened.