Cyborg Strike (Plague Wars Series Book 7)

Under the threat of impending alien invasion, when the Professor and the rogue Septagon Shadow cyborg program surface in Russia, the world has a problem. When they seize the government in a coup, the world faces disaster, and Jill Repeth and Spooky Nguyen must do everything in their power to shut them down while fending off rivals bent on assassination and subversion. Earth’s nations will need to cooperate to prepare for the arrival of the Destroyer, but Daniel Markis and his allies must overcome violent intrigue, bloody special operations, and underhanded politics to find a path to humanity’s survival.

The Plague Wars Series:

– The Eden Plague

– Reaper’s Run

– Skull’s Shadows

– Eden’s Exodus

– The Demon Plagues

– The Reaper Plague

– The Orion Plague

– Cyborg Strike

– Comes the Destroyer

Stellar Conquest Series, a direct follow-on to Plague Wars:

– First Conquest

– Desolator

– Tactics of Conquest

– Conquest of Earth

– Conquest and Empire