Death of Barsoom Omnibus: Volume 1

When John Carter was transported to the world of Barsoom (known to us Earthlings as the planet Mars), he thought he had left behind his travelling companion — James Powell. He was wrong! James Powell was also transported to the red planet, where he embarked upon a series of adventures as strange and wondrous as those of Carter.

This edition compiles the first four tales of intrigue and discovery during Powell’s lifetime among the Martians. The first chronicles Powell’s arrival and subsequent enslavement to the Red Martian overlords, and his eventual fight for freedom. The second story involves a lowly thief who is thrust into the role of leader when Powell’s freedom forces threaten a slave-state. The third story relates the fall and rise of Barsoom’s most beautiful and malevolent femme fatale. The fourth and last tale in this edition tells the story of Powell’s battle against a despotic cult leader and the secret the villain hides about the red planet.