Devotional Treasures from the Holy Land (Second Edition)

Dig deep into these sketches of Bible lands and grow spiritually . . .

What do the key sites from the land of the Bible teach us about how to live our lives today? Pastor and acclaimed tour leader Dr. John DeLancey contends that one’s own faith can be deepened by examining significant ancient sites of the Holy Land and deriving spiritual applications from them.

In his unique site-to-site devotional guide, Dr. DeLancey—drawing on a year of study in Jerusalem and two decades of experience in leading tours to Israel, Jordan, and Egypt—guides the reader through 73 ancient sites including both common and lesser-known locations. For each site, DeLancey offers a remarkable blend of historical, geographical, and Scriptural information. He begins by updating the reader on archaeological excavations and interpreting the authenticity of the discoveries at each spot. He then follows with sound devotional thoughts that can be gleaned from each place mentioned. His descriptions cause Bible stories to spring to life as he gives thoughtfully informed analyses shared based on years of careful research and of interaction with the Holy Land.

Devotional Treasures from the Holy Land, now in its second edition, contains 5 additional sites not included in the first release and provides an invaluable help to those on tour in Bible lands as well as to those who can experience them only from their armchairs at home.