Distortion, Vol. IV (Approaching the Dark Age Series Book 4)

Civil infighting spreads like a plague throughout the once-gleaming city-state, Meridia.

Fire and smoke rises and swirls in the icy gales between the sky-scraping spires and pyramids as two women, wielding horrendous weapons of power, clash like the Creators of ancient times. Buildings are demolished. Lightning spits from the earth. The ground quakes in their bitter strides. The ocean twists and groans to their indomitable Resonance.

As Meridia’s destiny is wrestled, events triggered deep within Meridia’s Labyrinths have dire consequences. The Heaven between Heavens – the dimension known only as the void – erupts from the Core of Meridia to shower the city in complete darkness.

Shadowy hellhounds, possessing multiple maws and heads, bark ravenously as they seek their prey. Echoing, childish laughter of daemonic entities invade the minds of the populace, seeking to sow dread and terror in their wake and rebirth in the world of living souls. Then there are the terrible, gargantuan creatures, known only as Phantom Titans, whom stir from their deepest wallows of the abyss, to rise with the ebb and flow of the welcome distortion to haunt and stalk the city-state spires…

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