Dominion of Man: Ancient Enemies

Silverback’s courage to lead his infantry from the battlefield threatens the power of the world leaders and a new hero is born amidst worldwide condemnation. Unbeknown to all an ancient doorway lies beneath this desert landscape where war rages in our heroes absence. When the blood of the innocent is spilt the ancient mystical seals, and those dormant within, are unleashed upon the unsuspecting world.

Amidst the darkness and banished to his homeland, Australia, Silverback gives life to a new community built on a foundation of solidarity. The Melba Knights rise to protect these values and fight against the forces of evil, both external and from within.

With modern weaponry replaced with those from another age a new war rages to save humanity from extinction as conflicts of old must be cast aside against this new but ancient enemy.

This is where we must stand and claim, The Dominion of Man.