Each New Morn

“Gripping story of survival, well written” *****

“Couldn’t put it down” *****

“What a cracking read.” *****

“An edge of your seat story right from the start.” *****

An exciting post apocalyptic survival thriller, EACH NEW MORN will hook you from page one.

A rogue prion disease, nicknamed Falling Down Flu, has wiped out most of the world’s population. Some survivors have been infected by a secondary disease. Aggressive and erratic, they become known as Screamers. They are not the only enemy. Society has broken down. Violent mobs rule the streets. Gangs of raiders swarm through the countryside. Pests and parasites thrive and the worst winter in decades is about to descend.

Chrissie Cunningham has survived Falling Down Flu but is alone in the city of Dundee. Death stalks the streets. Buildings burn. Corpses lie rotting where they fell. To survive, she must escape.

In a remote village in the highlands of Scotland, a small group of survivors has banded together. Shaw, their reluctant leader, is a troubled man. He loathes the village and resents the responsibility heaped upon him. With jealousy, rivalry and conflict within the group, the survivors pose as much danger to each other as external threats. But who will survive EACH NEW MORN?