Elementis: The Heir to the Stone (1)

Fifteen-year-old orphan, Jonas Knight finds misplaced solace stealing cargo with the ship-spiders of Rilk. His curious strength and differences to the spiders on his world lead Jonas to wonder what kind of world he really comes from. When his thoughts are answered and Jonas is returned by force to his home planet of Aquilla by the order of King Uly (his father), the boy could never have imagined the reasons for his orphanhood. Prince Calyx, his twin brother has been taken by the metal-blooded Fantoms and Jonas learns that his mixed-race blood makes him the only one capable of protecting existence from the darkest mind of the Zohr. Jonas must uncover the hidden secrets inside of his mind, fight against the evils that threaten to bring the end, and teach himself how to control the most powerful stone in the universe, the Elementis.