Elsewhere: Book 3 in the Seven Circles Series

This is the third book in the Seven Circles Series. Ston, Ivy, and Uncle find themselves in the Fifth Circle, Uncle’s original home, where the inhabitants feel that honor and the keeping of oaths is all-important. At least, most of them do. Ston is treacherously betrayed after joining the Areon, a military organization of ‘lifters’ that is responsible for enforcing law and order.

Likewise, to try to conceal her origins, Ivy is placed with the Aurel, a similar group for women, and attempts are made on her life.

Uncle, formerly the Commander of the Areon, is deceived into thinking that all is well. He must call upon all of his old skills, with the help of his old friend and one-time student, Sta.

Ston reveals a great secret concerning his relationship with Ivy, and in turn learns a lesson in responsibility when unknown facts about his heritage are disclosed to him.

The story is set against a backdrop of prejudices, both ancient and modern, in a world of unfamiliar cultures and customs. Despite that, they find much that is good and noble to appreciate.


‘Elsewhere’ can be read as it is, since the story will stand on its own. However, for the most enjoyment I recommend that you read Book 1, ‘Neither Here Nor There’, and Book 2, ‘Somewhere’, before this one.

Thank you, T. Russell Jones